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Wow…what a great year 2017 was for real estate! It has been years since we have seen this flurry of activity with buyers. We are putting homes and lots under contract each week and some are secured with back-up offers! We are even getting multiple offers and one just paid more than asking price!

If you have been thinking of selling, do it now. The winter allows buyers more time to search online and if we peak their interest –with a great website- they will make a trip to come see a listing. What has made the difference, you might ask, so I will give you my opinion. With over 300 weddings in Highlands each year, the exposure to our lovely town –from many who have never visited before- fall in love with us, as I did 24 years ago. What’s not to love? Mountains that surround and beckon you, waterfalls that depict nature’s best, cool temps in the summer, gentle snows in the winter, restaurants that rival the best anywhere in the country, divine shopping, playhouses and performing art centers that entertain to your hearts content, and a fine arts center that allows beginners to grow at their own pace.

As I previously wrote back in the fall, if your home is priced right, well-maintained, and has great curb appeal, it will sell now. A full-time broker, who is aware of true market value, and lives and breathes real estate on a daily basis, can help you accomplish your goal. We still have stagnant inventory that was priced wrong from the beginning and has increased overall days on the market for our MLS listings statistics. That helps no one.

Zillow’s zestimates confuse buyers with no regard for location and inaccurate data. We, as good brokers, have to explain that Highlands and the surrounding areas locations, whether mountain views or on water, add to the value and are priced accordingly. Many tax appraisals are still inflated and should not be an indicator of the selling price of your home. So you see, a full-time broker who sells throughout our area can determine the value of your home and get it sold.

As a new year begins, there’s no better time to sell than now. Call any of our professional brokers if you want to buy or sell. It’s still not too late to get a great value and our brokers can guide you in the right direction. I always thing resale when working with buyers and take that into account when showing homes or land to secure your piece of mind. Buying or selling can be stressful and we always strive for a win-win situation.

Life is fragile, as I experienced with the sudden death of my husband 8 months ago. Live now, love now, and make every day count. Living in Highlands –with its small town atmosphere- offered comfort in so many ways. The outpouring of love and sympathy was amazing and I realize what a special place this is to live. We are seeing more and more people moving here full time and I totally understand why.

I wish you all a great new year filled with love, good health, and knowledge of what matters most in life.

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