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As I sit and gather my thoughts on Memorial Day, I think about how my own life has changed in a year’s time. My dear husband of 33 years passed away suddenly last May and my sweet brother left this world on March 26, 2018. The loss of loved ones changes us and puts things in perspective. We learn quickly what really matters in life.

I’m thinking today of our military men and women who went off to war never to return. Those who left behind women and children who prayed for their safe return but who never saw them again. Their lives changed dramatically in an instant with a dreaded phone call or official visit. All so young who gave up their lives for our freedom.

When a loved one passes away we pull memories from the corner of our minds, hidden somewhere, like a treasure chest covered with dust. We open the box to reveal the best times of our lives. Our hearts are warmed by the love and a bright light shines through the darkest of clouds…if only for a short time until the box closes once more, waiting for the next time.

So many memories have been made here in these magical mountains by my clients and the friends I meet. The children remember hikes with their parents, watching water cascade down the mountains feeding ducks on Mirror Lake, family gatherings around the dining room table and simply remembering the love that surrounded them.

To everything there is a season and now the older parents are selling their large mountain homes or little cabins due to illness or death. I have helped several who were battling cancer or another terminal illness move on with their lives by selling their properties. I have also helped many to find the “right” place to start making memories with their own children and grandchildren.

This is a great time to invest in our little “Hallmark” town, where people call you and your dog by name on Main Street. A town where people mourn with you, a town where you are accepted, a town that supports non-profit causes, a town where good food and wine await you and chefs give their all, a town where shopping is a delight, where plays and performances rank at the top , a town where you long to be.

As I have learned, the hard way, the only thing that truly matters in life is the love that surrounds you at the present time that leads to cherished memories to get you through the tough times. Invest in your life…invest in us.

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