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With a little less chill in the air these days, there is an excitement that springs forth in Highlands. Tourists arrive in shorts and locals put away their down jackets but know we may still get a precipitation surprise! We have had snow in April and flowers we were determined to plant became little icicles.  Still anticipation of a glorious summer grows.

Easter Sunday inspired me to think about my role as a real estate broker and clients’ needs. With our aging population of sellers, their needs are different from bigger cities such as Atlanta and Tampa.  Many are selling for health reasons and it breaks my heart but it becomes my mission to help them accordingly. Some sellers have created family memories here for generations but it is time to move on. Upkeep and maintenance has become a burden and kids are too busy with their own lives to keep up two houses. My role is to help sell in the shortest time possible, helping meet that goal. I love getting to know my sellers and discussing their needs…they are all different and deserve time and energy to make it happen in a timely manner.

I listen to emotional stories from the past and feel the love for our magical town that continues to get better and better with age. I also am seeing a trend where younger people are looking for second homes here and retirees are desiring to make Highlands their primary residence.

Just as days of sadness led to Easter, the excitement and joy of a new beginning and the promise of hope prevail. Birds are chirping outside my window and the morning sun is glorious. Highlands is a magical place and I’m so glad to call it my home for 22 years.

Wising you all a glorious spring and flowers that live and bloom.

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