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We Will Win This War…Sooner or Later

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Pat Allen

Pat Allen Realty Group


It’s hard to know where to begin with the changes that have taken place in all our lives in the past month. What a great economy we had, and real estate sales were booming! Then all of a sudden, the whole world changed, unlike 911 when only the United States was dealt a blow. For months following the terrorist attack we became a country united, having realized how vulnerable we are as a nation, we all grieved not only the loss of innocent lives, but also the loss of freedom as we once knew it. We were never to be the same but for a while we were all kinder to each other knowing we were all in this together.

Fast forward to the pandemic the ENTIRE world now faces. This ugly and terrifying virus doesn’t care about your political affiliation, the amount of money you have in the stock market or banks, the color of your skin, your past, your present, or your future life. It doesn’t care if you are a good person who reaches out to help humanity or whether you only are only concerned with your life and are selfish. It doesn’t care if you are an alcoholic or drug addict and doesn’t care if you warm a church pew every Sunday. It doesn’t care if you are a Hollywood celebrity or a professional athlete, or a restaurant owner, a server -who greets us with a smile and depends on tips-president or CEO of a corporation, a small business owner, a member of law enforcement or a criminal, or a hospital worker in overload trying to save lives. In other words, it doesn’t discriminate as humans sometimes do.

I feel, once more, that we are realizing how united we should be, without politics keeping us divided.  We have the right to choose many things in life but the Covid -19 has the power over EVERYONE in the world at the moment. It chooses, in its own way, who lives and who doesn’t. Be kind, be smart, stay home and together we can defeat this. America is the greatest country in the world and we all will remain stronger together. To criticize how unprepared we were, as far as a shortage of masks and ventilators, helps no one. As Americans we are full speed ahead in finding a vaccine, a Covid-19 test, and finally a cure. There is no way we could have known or been prepared and we should all be understanding and work together.

As far as real estate in our area, I feel that once the pandemic is over, we will see a surge of buyers wanting to live in a smaller town, such as ours, where they feel safer, have better communication, and share a true comradery with people who care. My office is staying in touch with buyers and sellers and are addressing their concerns. If you have questions you can email me at

I will end by saying how proud I am of Mayor Pat Taylor, who is doing his best to keep us safe, members of law enforcement who risk their lives every time a car window is rolled down, health care workers ,who risk becoming infecting while helping others live, the workers at Bryson’s and Mountain Fresh, who make sure we have supplies but risk catching Covid-19 every day, and restaurants and their workers who allow us to pick up curbside the food we so desire. And I thank all of you for staying home to prevent spreading this ugly virus by not becoming its host or hostess. We will get through this and will once again be more appreciative, not just the life we live, but life itself.


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