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Sapphire, NC Real Estate

Sapphire is a gorgeous mountain town in Transylvania County, nestled in the Highlands-Cashier plateau in the Appalachian Mountains. Recognized as one of the region’s most beautiful gems (as befits its name), it is locally known as “Little Switzerland.” The village of Cashiers is located approximately 5.5 miles from the town center.

Brief History of Sapphire, NC

In the 1800s, Sapphire was a mining town frequented for its rich deposits of gold. A faithful day in 1888, however, changed the town as miners found 50 pounds of precious sapphires in the area. This inspired the locals to christen the community as Sapphire.

Further development of Sapphire Valley started when The Lake Toxaway Company came to the region, establishing five inns, which included Fairfield Inn and Sapphire Inn. In the early 20th century, however, the company failed, with the whole Toxaway property sold to E.H. Jennings.

The Sapphire Valley area changed hands multiple times until the property was purchased by Mr. Gene Howerdd, Sr. in 1954. Today, he credited as a father of modern Sapphire Valley. One of the best known exclusive resorts, in the country, Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Sapphire Valley, is located in Sapphire.

Sapphire NC Real Estate and Property Types

The market in Sapphire for second and vacation homes offer a diverse range of selections, from relatively affordable single-family homes to some of the most luxurious and elegantly appointed mountain homes in western North Carolina. Other options in the housing market also include Sapphire NC condos for sale, townhomes, cabins, and golf properties.

Sapphire’s second and vacation homes are made even more attractive due to their locations; these properties are often located in some of the town’s finest neighborhoods and communities. For instance, Bald Rock is best known for luxury mountain living at its best. Burlingame is one of the most sought-after golf communities. Deer Run is intimate, with only 50 homes in the community.

The following communities are also located in Sapphire Valley:

• The Country Club of Sapphire Valley
• The Divide at Bald Rock
• BaldStone
• Falcon Ridge
• Holly Forest
• Lonesome Valley
• Whisper Lake
• Spring Forest
• Mountain Club
• Fox Run Ridge

Living in Sapphire, NC

• Local life: Sapphire is comparatively more laidback and relaxed compared to its neighbors, with the primary focus being on the community’s rich natural environment. Outdoor activities are extremely popular in the area, as well as other recreational pursuits.

• Golf: Many world-class golf and country clubs are located in and around Sapphire, adding to its allures. There is Sapphire National Golf Club, Red Bird Golf Links, Burlingame Country Club, High Hampton Resort, and the Country Club of Sapphire Valley.

• Waterfall wonderland: Sapphire is an ideal jump-off point for visitors looking to explore Transylvania County’s treasure trove of scenic waterfalls. The 125-meter Whitewater Falls, recognized as the tallest of its kind in the Rockies, can be accessed through the many hiking trails that snake in the area.

• Dining: Complementing the scenic and tranquil vistas well are Sapphire’s wonderful restaurants, which include Osteria Del Monte, Table 64, The Library Kitchen and Bar, Mica’s Restaurant and Pub, and Canyon Kitchen.

Explore second and vacation homes in Sapphire, NC

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